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Proudly I present…

The official preview of my new track… Created together with Dark Chemistry and the anthem for HARD4MS!

“Life is a Mystery”




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Qlimax weekender aftermath

Well… I’m back alive after this amazing weekend!
Last weekend was the Qlimax weekender at Loft Arnhem. Insanity to the max! Saturday I visited the first day of this weekender… Lot’s of friends played at Loft the night before the big event! Good work guys! I heard some amazing tunes!

Saturday afternoon it was time for myself to play some tunes! I tried to finish a new track to play but it wasn’t finished soon enough so you’ll promise you to post a preview soon of it! 🙂

I started a bit different as usual… Freestyle… You hate it, or love it… Well Loft! You did like it! Got some really nice feedback from you! Thanks! something to do more often! 🙂
During my set something happend to me what never happend me before. It was afternoon and there where a few kids (around 5 years old) inside the club that where dancing on the beats… It did remind me on my little nephew who is 4 years old and also a real Hardstyle lover…  (He calls it “Freek-muziek”!) Everybody inside gave them their space and enjoyed those kids! Great moment to see this… After around 45 minutes in my set their parents decided to go… This little guy came to me on the DJ booth and hugged me if this was his best party ever!!  Wow this was such a sweet moment! His mom took a picture and they left… I would love to see this image…

After this the placed filled up and it became a amazing afternoon and evening!

Here is a small impression!

Hopefully again next year!


A Special shout for the crew of Loft! Thanks for the great hospitality!


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Hard 4 MS

I’m proud to announce that I’ll going to play for charity!
This event is by Future of Hardstyle, to raise money for better research for the terrible disease MS!

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. With multiple sclerosis, the brain has difficulty getting messages to the rest of the body. Though we know relatively little about multiple sclerosis, research into its causes and possible treatments is rapidly developing. (Source:

All the money for the tickets will be donated to the MS foundation! So don’t wait! Buy your tickets… Enjoy a special night and know that you’re money will spend wisely by the foundation! Sounds great right?

Also good to share is that I will create the anthem for this special event. Together with Dark Chemistry! We are working hard in our lab to create a masterpiece. More about this at the end of this year!


When: 29th of January
Where: Loft Arnhem
Damage: Only €7.50 ex (Will be donated to the MS Foundation!)



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Steve Vandal & Friends: M-FM Hard Dance


Steve Vandal & Friends! This Friday live @ M-FM Radio! I can’t wait for this evening to play with some close friends!!


21.00 DJ Revelation
22.00 The Aftertoucher
23.00 DJ Fanatic
00.00 Dark Chemistry

It’s just a great way to start your weekend! So tune in next Friday!



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M-FM Hard Dance

Next Friday I’ll play at “M-FM Hard Dance” radio.

More info soon!


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Arnhem… Great as always!

Arnhem! You were incredible as always! Thanks for your support!

df fanatic e-force

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(2015 Refix)

I’m creating a (2015 Refix) of an old track of mine.. It’s almost ready to play… Curious..? See you next week at Loft Arnhem then… 🙂



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DC invites E-Force!

25th of September 2015 -> Loft Arnhem – Dark Chemistry invites E-Force!
I’ll be playing a special Early RAW set! Make sure you don’t miss this one!

Check out my Facebook page to win some tickets!!




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RHR Aftermath

Wow! This was an incredible day at Real Hardstyle Radio! “Summerrufforic” Thanks to the hosts of RHR for the great hospitality!


Powerd by: Future of Hardstyle


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On Sunday the 2nd of August a massive showcase will be broadcasted live on Real Hardstyle Radio.

Live from the RHR studio in Geldrop (NL), Future of Hardstyle will show you what they stand for.


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